And then we were three….

goat lucky's babies

Lucky’s New Babies

Lucky greets her two new babies!  She had been complaining all day, but had finally quieted down for a while, so I decided to go in and get something to eat.  When she started up again it was very loud and very insistent-  I ran out to the shed again, and found two babies in a pool of blood behind her- one was face down in the goo.  I pulled her out, shouting to David through the baby monitor.  He and Gina arrived at the same time, threw me towels and gave advice.  I had a hard time getting the second baby to take the teat; Gina tried as well and finally both babies got some of the very important first colostrum.  Lucky is such a great mom!  She took to the babies immediately, and also allowed me to move around her, put her babies to the teat, massage her udder.  It was hard to believe she would not let me touch her in those places before she gave birth.  It is so amazing to see the amazing bond that grows between a goat mother and her goat babies!

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