Month: March 2014

We name our goats, and they pose for a picture!

So we have finally named our new baby goats- they are a month and a half old, and growing so fast!  Meet all three generations in one shot:  a rare picture with all our goats posing for the camera at the same time.  Grandma Dina is in the front right of the shot, while her daughter, Lucky, is behind her, surrounded by Dina’s daughter Izzie, and Lucky’s daughters, now named Kara and Ajla. the goats garden three generations

Name Our Goats!

the goats garden name my goats izzie??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

We still have not decided on names for two of our goat babies.  The first one that you see here, who I am holding, is Izzie.  She is Dina’s daughter and has Dina’s very sweet and friendly personality.

The other two little ones are Lucky’s twins.  Early on I named the one lower down, with the darker face, Oscar, thinking she was male.  She is not!  The tiniest one, and the shyest, is the one in the top of the picture of the two together.  She is the most likely to cry, and the most likely to run from us.   I tend to call her ‘cutie’, but that is not a final name, and I have no other name in mind.  Can you help us name our goats?