Month: May 2014

Organic Appetizers-Mediterranean Style

stuffed vine leaves

Organic appetizers for Ådne’s confirmation-  100 percent organic, home made dough and puff pastry with organic flour and butter, and  home gathered or local ingredients (well except the olives- still haven’t figured out how to grow olives in Norway!)   Mediterranean inspired stuffed grape leaves, spinach rolls, mini cucumber salads, chorizo sausage in blankets, avocado, cheese and tomato spears with fresh basil, humus filled red pepper with black olives, curried deviled eggs and green olives with pimento.

It was surprisingly easy to make puff pastry!  I discovered that my new pasta machine doubles as a puff pastry roller.  The trick is to keep all the ingredients cold, and fold and fold and fold.  I had so much fun doing these appetizers, and channeling my inner Greek for a uniquely Norwegian event.