Month: August 2014

Who Are You All?

I have just found out that I can go back and find statistics about who has visited The Goats’ Garden, and I have learned that hundreds, almost a thousand of you have been here, from all over the world!  Mostly from Norway, but also the United States, Brazil, The U.K., Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, The Russian Federation, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Austria, Hong Kong, and more-42 different countries all together and from all continents.  Who are you all, I wonder, and what brings you here?  Do you love goats, as I do?  Do you love gardening, good food, travel, or Norway?  What peaks your interest, and what would you like to know more about?  Drop me a note and let me know who you are, and how you came to visit.  And if you visit in person, we will sit and have a coffee, or a tea, or whatever you like, in the garden. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Almost Home!

I’ve been away from my goats and garden all summer, following a master’s course in Education in Mallorca. Wouldn’t you know it’s been the most lovely summer in Norway, with weeks of sunny days and temperatures in the high 20s and up to 35 degrees! My goat girls have been naughty, too- they seem to find endless ways to get outside the fence and nibble on trees and plants in the garden- I guess they really do think its all theirs!

I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see them all again; I know the babies have grown up- I hope they remember me! Here is a picture David took to cheer me up when I was missing them:

the goats garden goats in garden

You would think with all those lines of electric fencing they would stay inside, but no, they just jump over!  🙂