A cosy spot

It’s blustery today, but inside it is warm and cosy by the fire.  Curl up in this comfortable wicker chair and read a book!  Tea is on the stove, too.

wicker chair no flowers

This wicker chair is handmade-( by me, actually).   Skovestuen Pil, (pil is the Norwegian word for wicker) is a small wicker farm in Vestfold Norway, which sells wicker and also offers classes in basket making and in chair building .  It took two days and the  patient direction of Lars at the Bendwood chair course to saw, screw bend, and nail each piece of wood and length of wicker into place.  there were just 5 of us on the course, and an amazing comraderie among us as we worked.  By the end of the day on Sunday I was bone tired (it is much more physically taxing that one would think, to bend and turn this way and that, while pounding in each tiny nail) but I was also happy to the core. Here is a photo from Skovestuen Pil’s website, of Lars working on a chair:

wicker chair course  Here is their website:  www.skovstuenpil.no      It was such an amazing experience.  This chair is not perfect, but it is the first piece of furniture I ever made myself.  It is so much more fulfilling to rest in a chair that you have laboured over yourself.

wicker chair

We covered the chair seat and ottoman with vintage embroidered  pillow covers from David’s mom- they look fantastic with the natural wood, and the clay nepalese elephant candle holders on the right.   With a full library of  books to read, we are ready for warm and cozy nights.


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