Christmas is coming….


Local Christmas markets are starting up, and there is much to see and buy that is locally and made and of excellent quality.   This weekend  the market at Karljohansvern took place, but if you missed that, you can still find lots of wonderful items at Karljohan in the shopes atGarasjeTorget.  GarasjeTorget literally means the Garage Plaza- what were once garages used by the navy base on Karljohan have been converted into tiny, cozy shops at the far end of the road leading into the Preus Photo Museum and past the famous submarine.  I am not one for shopping, and when I do, it is usually at used stores, but at GarasjeTorget you can always find the types of treasures you would never find in a department store or a mall.  Some of my favorites are:

Original stuffed animals at Lene’s MoR (Myk og Rar means soft and rare)  Lene models her fantastic designs after drawings made by children with cancer.  You will never see another stuffed animal like this, ever (unless it’s one of Lenas!)  Lene animals BRM Strikk offers these wonderful warm fleeced blankets:  warm blanket and these wonderful goblets are from the Pikilia Handwork shop:  pikiliaIf you are around Horten in the weeks leading up to Christmas, a trip down to Garasjetorget is a must!  When you are done shopping, or for a break inbetween, have lunch or supper at Cafe No. 10  ( Nummer Ti, in Norwegian, so named, of course, because it is housed in the 10th garage spot!

Hope to see you in Horten this Christmas!

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