New Year’s Resolutions

As 2016 begins, we are planning on spending more time on our gardens, our goats, and our offerings to our guests.   We have long wanted to develop and offer a second, and even a third room.  Now that David is retired, and spending more time on the bed and breakfast side of things, we hope that this can become a reality.

Comfort and Convenience

One of my interests in developing an organic bed and breakfast has been to offer quality and comfort to travelers who would like to live lightly on the Earth, but would like to still have the pleasure of being catered to.    I am am determined that our guests’ experiences at The Goats’ Garden include comfort, convenience, and the pleasure of a full organic breakfast ready when they are.

Mini Spa and Hot Tub:

Another comfort we hope to offer over the coming year is the development of more spa-type options.   We are introducing some mini-spa items now:  a sun lamp, personal massage machine, head massage, back scratcher, and foot massage, as well as organic salt scrubs,  oils, face masks, and lotions, are all available to our guests in the price of the room. In addition. we can now offer a fantastic wood fired hot tub that we can ready for guests with prior notice.   2015-12-26 14.42.45.jpg                                           We all soaked in the tub on Christmas Eve- what a treat!     Here David takes a hot soak in chilly weather after our first snow fall:2015-12-26 15.30.51Ok, you can’t see much of David there, but trust me, he is there in that  rising steam!  It looks like a cold trek back into the house across the snowy terrace to me, but a warm shower is waiting, so welcome, all brave souls!

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

I have long been concerned that we help travelers to feel as comfortable as possible with their environmental footprint, while we, too, make our own footprints as light as possible. This year we will shift to a new electricity provider that provides electricity from solely renewable sources.   At the same time, we will begin to institute more  carbon offset ideas for our guests.  We will calculate the travel footprint of every guest and commit to planting, on our own land or virtually, at least the equivalent in carbon offsetting bushes and trees.  I am considering offering a certificate to guests designating that carbon offset.  We have joined 1% for the planet, and given a donation of what we think will be about 5 percent of our earning this year.  You can read more about 1 % For the Planet here:

Giving Back

We feel so fortunate to have found this lovely home, and we recognize that many of our guests are fortunate as well.  This year, we have decided to give back 5 percent of all profits made from The Goats’ Garden to others less fortunate, including to refugees and to projects that improve sustainability in food and habitats for people in developing countries.  We welcome our readers to make suggestions and I will be posting projects we have chosen to give to, so that our guests know where a percentage of their fees have gone. For those interested, we invite you to also match our gift with your own.    .

We wish you all a Happy New Year, and Safe and Happy Travels!

David and Kathy


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