A fully organic breakfast

We had a lovely single guest this week, on business in the area, who was treated to a full organic breakfast even though he was the only guest at the time.

dining room with guest

‘I can’t eat all this!’ he protested, and  we explained that it wasn’t about eating it all, but about having choice, and the type of abundant offering and attention to variety that is often only available in a big hotel.  In our case however, all the food is 100 percent organic, as much as possible is home grown or homemade, and as local as possible.   We hope too, that we can offer a warm and homey atmosphere, even if it is for just one guest at a time!

breakfast muslibreakfast breads

Much of our food is bought at our local ‘Lokal Kolonial’  a local business that prioritises local, short traveled organic food.  I always try to make a few items myself; here I made the cornbread and the biscuits, as well as the pancakes (pictured in the main photo above).

We also always offer a plate of fresh vegetables, from the garden when we can, as well as local and some more exotic fruits and cheeses (here some figs and dates).  We do also offer organic, locally produced meats for those that eat them, and always offer a choice of fresh local eggs, with vegetarian or local sausages.

Of course, our guests never eat everything on the table, and what cannot be stored is incorporated into our own meals, nothing is thrown out or wasted, and any scraps go into our home compost.   It is possible to have abundance without waste!   I hope we offer our guests a taste of how we can live sustainably and yet contribute to a healthy planet.

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