A suitor for our girls!

We have found a suitor for our girls!  Doffen is 3-4 years old and lives in Vestfold county.  In Norway, goats cannot cross county lines, so the challange has been to find a suitable African Dwarf goat race to breed our girls.

I get to go meet Doffen this week.  After that, the trick is to get the girls down to him when they are in heat.   African dwarf does go into heat about every 21 days.   When I visit Doffen, I will take a rag that I will rub over him, and then bring it back and hang it in our goat shed.  When the girls go crazy over it, I will know they are ready- then it is into the car, down to the farm, where hopefully Doffen will do the rest!  Gestation is 5 months, so we will greet our new babies in the early fall, if all goes to plan.   How exciting!



  1. So exciting! I hope all goes as planned as I am already looking forward to coming to meet the new arrival or arrivals😀

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