Welcome to the Goats’ Garden, our warm and cosy spot in southern Norway.

To Book, Please write us at  

The Green room (Garden Room)  Rates:  500 – 800 kroner depending on occupancy and the season.   We also cater for vegan and vegetarian diets, and can adjust our breakfast offerings to other special requests. 

We will soon have two more rooms available- pictures coming soon!

We book rooms year round, and as the seasons change there are a variety of things to do and see in the Vestfold area.

In the summer, you can explore lovely beaches, a viking festival and several local music festivals right nearby,  a day trip to Oslo by train,  and the ferry across the fjord to the south eastern region of Norway.goats garden vicinity beach

In the fall there are long walks in the nearby woods, looking for edible plants or picking berries, bike rides, the smell of baking bread back home, a beautiful sunset on the back porch.

Winter brings skiing right outside the door, a cozy fire in the living room, festive lights and candles, curling up in the handmade wicker chair with a good book.  If you are brave, we will fire up the hot tub for you and you can enjoy a hot soak under the stars!


Spring is for flowers of course, and watching the first plants come up in the garden, enjoying a fresh homemade salad, spending the day on walks or bike rides, or perhaps a drive to visit a nearby site- Tonsberg, the first capital of Norway, with its ancient castle ruins and sunny quay, Sandefjord, with a whaling history and waling tradition, drives along the coast and picnics by the beach.



We look forward to meeting you and hosting you at The Goats’ Garden!

Kathy and David


  1. Hello, I sent a request on Facebook to add you. I an new to Norway and I am American and my husband is Norwegian. I wanted to talk with you about your gardening. I am from florida and always had a garden there, where I grew my own vegetables. But I am having some trouble here and was wondering about how you do things. The climate is very different and am curious about what vegetables do best in our climate. I am wanting to try pumpkins this year as they seem hard to get and I love making pumpkin pies and breads from them. My husband and I have also considered coming to stay there as well to maybe get some ideas. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your time. 🙂

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