Ecological Wellness Activities

The more we have thought about what we would like to offer from our wonderful location here in southern Norway, the more we have found ourselves involved in Deep Ecology and Wellness activities.   After receiving my permaculture training, I became more and more interested in deep ecology principles, outlined by the great Norwegian ecologist and eco-philosopher Arne Næss.  I have read and followed the work of Joanna Macy in Australia and the deep ecology work at Schumacher college in England.

This past year I have been engaged in designing a Deep Time Walk for our area of Vestfold, Norway-  a 4.6 kilometer walk that serves as a meditative metaphor for the 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history, and is narrated with events in the formation of local geology as well as the development of life on Earth.   This walk, which takes about two hours, takes participants along fields and cliff faces, through forests, past streams,  and up to the top of a local hill fort that dates back to the Stone Age.  Along they way we explore the miracle of the development of life on earth, the deep ecology of our connection to the planet, and to the history of the formation of life itself.   The walk serves to provide a connection to deep ecological experiences that Næss identifies as the start of deep understanding, leading to deep ecological commitment and then deep ecological action.   It is truly a life-changing experience to connect with our environment and meditate on our earth connections in this way!

The Deep Time Walk is one activity in our ‘Earthfulness’  Wellness Weekend, a two and a half day wellness experience from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon that includes talks, nature walks, movement, sense, and meditative activities, story telling, and time for personal meditation, relaxation, and mini spa activities.   The weekend includes full board and all meals are organic with full vegan and raw detox options.  It is offered for groups from 4 to 8 with accommodation included.

The Wellness  weekend can also be distilled into a day long Wellness Seminar, from 10 am to 6 pm on a Saturday, which can be tailored specifically for organization and businesses.  The seminar also includes the Deep Time Walk and sessions for reflection on group and personal goals and strategies with an ecological perspective.

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