Practical Permaculture

Practical Permaculture is a coaching program to help you start and tend your own garden for your own food production. This unique opportunity offers weekly instruction and goals, access to an online community where you can share and learn from each others, and a live online interaction with us at The Goat’s Garden. You can get started now to grow your own garden!


You could consider joining Practical Permaculture if you

Like Food and want to eat healthy!

Like being self-sufficient!

Want to save money!

and Love the Earth!

You can even join Practical Permaculture if you don’t have a yard– as long as you are willing to fill your windows and home with plants, we can give advice for what can grow where in pots and planter boxes!

Our permaculture gardens are in a cold temperate zone, so for us, the gardening year doesn’t start til May outside, and will wrap up in November- after that we have seed collection and saving, drying and perserving. You can still join us if your growing season is different, but your growing cycles may vary from ours. We will still offer as much advice as we can on growing in your area. Katharine kept gardens in Cyprus in a very different climate, and David has gardened in the Pacific Norwest, so we have some experience to spread around.

How does it work?

You sign up to Practical Permaculture by sending us an email at When you enrol, you will receive a welcome package that includes access to a private facegroup page where we will:

-share weekly videos,

-give tips,

-answer questions, and

-develop themes that come out of the group discussion.

You will also receive a weekly update from The Goats’ Garden that

-focuses on what we are doing in the garden that week and

-offers easy tips and goals for that week’s gardening.

You get personalized coaching and design help. We also will send you an optional questionaire that you can fill in to get personalized design help for your garden start-up. You will tell us what you want to grow, how much space you have, and if you like, send the coordinates of the garden. We can give advice on what can grow where, to get you started.

You get an introduction to Permaculture and permaculture design principles. This is not a permaculture course and you will not receive a permaculture design certificate (PDC) but if you want to find out more about permaculture, the ethics, principles and design cycle of permaculture is embedded in everything we do, so we will offer information along the way.

Want to know more?

Please write to us at, and we will get you started with Practical Permaculture!