February Slush

The weather is much warmer than usual for February, making the snow in to a soggy mess.  It was 3.5 degrees at 6:00 in the morning today.  I went out to the goats in my pajamas!  With the weather this warm, I can open up the shed and let the little ones play ‘in and out’. They chase each other wildly back and forth over the door jam and front step. I sat inside yesterday with my back against the pen wall and Izzie would race in, jump up on me, nibble my face, and then rush out again to join her cousins.  Or nephews, more accurately, since Dina, her mom, is Lucky’s mom too.  They are both bucks, I think, which is really sad, because it means we will have to give them away when they are about 2 months old.  I have had several requests, and I think I can find them good homes, but I was so hoping for more girls I could keep.  More pictures to follow!